Crewed Charter

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Without ever having set foot on a yacht before, you can still enjoy all the pleasures of a sailing holiday, by renting a boat with skipper. Your skipper will know the best places to visit and can teach you the basics of sailing and navigation.

Even if you know about sailing yourself, you might still choose to sail out with a skipper, for he/she can guide you the way in areas you are perhaps not familiar with and enable you to have a carefree trip. Moreover, a skipper can help you to improve your own skills.


If you are looking for a maximum of comfort, we recommend you to hire a hostess next to the skipper. In this way you don’t have to worry about neither navigation and itineraries nor about what you’re going to have for breakfast. The hostess takes care of the shopping, breakfast, lunch (evening dinners on request) and cleaning.

You’ll just enjoy your sailing while your crew takes care of the details!


The amount you pay for a crew member a day depends on the charter company and the country it is based in. These are basic amounts you can take into account:

Skipper: between 90, - and 150, - € / day plus food
Hostess: between 80, - and 110, - € / day plus food

Charter contract example here.

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