Marmaris International Race Week 2004

Dates: 1-5 November 2004
Number of yachts participating: 90
Number of divisions: 6
Organized by: Marmaris International Yacht Club

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The fifteenth edition of the Marmaris International Race Week may not have seen as many yachts as the race once did, but on the other hand, the level of the participants has improved a lot compared to some years ago. The pure fun-racers have been mostly wiped out by more competitive crews, all racing in IRC, and all more or less able to handle a spinnaker.

The race tracks were classical, meaning three inshore Olympic triangles, one offshore triangle and a long-distance race. Light breezes dominated during the whole week, so that almost everyday starts had to be postponed and tracks to be shortened. For the long-distance, the race committee had to opt for the shorter version of 19 nm (the long version being 45nm).

Fortunately, there was mostly sufficient wind for finishing within the time limit. Still, a lot of patience was asked from all crews, especially during the long-distance track. The wind was so weak, that we were clapping and cheering when our speed went up from 0.5 to 1.2 knots in a very slight gust! As the night fell, one yacht after the after abandoned the race. But there were some very determined crews too, the last yachts being reported to have arrived at 04.30 in the morning…some achievement!

In the light breezes, the bay of Marmaris becomes a very interesting battlefield, with a few spots where there is no wind at all. During the inshore triangles, usually after rounding the first mark, all yachts found themselves in a deadcalm zone, which allowed for an unofficial second start. Those who managed to escape from here as the firsts, could almost without exception call themselves the winners of the day.

The Marmaris Race Club shows its experience also very well in the social programme. All dinner parties are perfectly organized, with abundant food and beverages and live music. A bit of pity, we found, this year, was the invention of the special prizes for charter boats. This made the ceremonies extremely long, boring and confusing. In the end there were so many cups that it was hard to tell who won what!

Apart from this regatta, team 'Armada' joined two other races in Turkey. Information under Göcek Race Week and 'Bodrum Race Week' on this website.

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