Fleet and Prices

Sailing-Unlimited works with a great number of charter companies all over the world. Fleets and prices are due to such changes, that it would be in your disadvantage to simply present you the complete lists.

The price of renting a yacht differs a lot depending on the season. Charter companies work with up to six different seasons. These cover different dates according to the company and country.

Sailing-Unlimited Also, what is included in the standard weekly price is not the same everywhere. Some companies charge extra fees for options, like outboard-engine, autopilot, sheets and towels, cleaning, etc, which makes it complicated to compare the price lists.

By presenting merely price lists, we would not be able to guarantee that the price you see is the price you get.

Therefore we prefer to give you a personalized offer at request. Like this you can be sure the price is correct. Next to that, in this way you can profit to the maximum of special discounts which are not mentioned on the standard lists.
Please check our contact form to see how we can make you a price offer.

To give you an idea of what kind of yachts we are renting and in which price categories, we selected a few of Sailing-Unlimited's finest yachts for you with price examples.

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